It was a packed two days of some incredible thoughts from an impressive lineup of speakers. From the very tiniest antibodies in our white blood cells to the very huge galactic mysteries yet to be solved, TEDxNashville gave attendees a lot to think about.

— Marcia A. Masulla & Kimberly Novosel 

I believe that part of the appeal of TED Talks is the “purity” of the platform. No politics, religion, or advertising. No fees or honorariums. Viewers appreciate that TED Talks are a safe space, where the only agenda is enhancing society through imparting knowledge, sharing ideas, and sparking creativity.

— Rob Ivy, CFO, Lee Company


Dr. Cheryl Whitaker

Healthcare whisperer
Taking Healthcare To The Streets 

jens titze tedxnashville healthnext

Jens Titze

Salt and water metabolism researcher

Challenging scientific comfort zones

Matthew Russell

Machine Learning Realist

How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Make Us Stronger, Faster, and Harder to Kill 

Dr. Steffanie Strathdee

Global health solution seeker

Sewage Saved My Husband’s Life. Someday It Could Save Yours.