For several years, Cigna has supported TEDxNashville as a Lead Sponsor of our Flagship event. (Thank you, Cigna!) Every year, Cigna also does an amazing job of engaging TEDxNashville attendees with their interactive concepts in the lobby at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.  TEDxNashville attendees love Cigna’s innovative approach to their lobby space and appreciate that the Cigna team thinks about the audience experience when developing their exhibit. Cigna’s lobby experiences at TEDxNashville bring to life several of the priorities listed on the Cigna websitecustomer centricity, collaboration, innovation, and integrity. 

cigna culture mission

For TEDxNashville 2017, Cigna shipped relaxation pods that utilized VR to give attendees an immersive experience leveraging innovative technology. 

cigna tedx

cigna tedx

For 2018, Cigna once again delivered a memorable experience at TEDxNashville and connected with attendees by creating a unique and meaningful exhibit. Cigna gave audience members the opportunity to use bikes to blend their own healthy smoothies.

cigna tedx

In addition to interactive exhibits and logo placements throughout the event, Cigna also connected with TEDxNashville audience members with thoughtful ads in the event programs as well as video ads played before speakers sessions.

Here are just a few examples of the Cigna ads shares with attendees.

Cigna Program Ad

In addition to sponsoring TEDxNashville, Cigna also enhances the TEDxNashville experience with their innovative approach to audience engagement. Thank you, Cigna, for all that you do for TEDxNashville!