Ian Ross: Introducing One Artist Changing The Nashville Look

Nashville is becoming more colorful, but did you ever wonder why? Read More
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Ian Ross: Introducing One Artist Changing The Nashville Look
The Problem of Hearing When It’s Loud – Insight From A Nashville Audiologist

Hearing is not simply the ability to hear when sounds are present, nor is it the ability to understand language or tone. At its lowest functional level, hearing can be defined as the ability to distinguish important messages from background “noise”. The intricacies of this process are exactly to what Dr. Samantha Gustafson is dedicating her life and intellect. As she explains, the ability to decipher sound plays a large part in shaping our experience starting in early childhood. Read More

Ross Scott: Host Extraordinaire

I think it’s been firmly established in previous articles that I’m a TEDxNashville super-fan. This explains, at least in part, why when hundreds of people were filing out of the TPAC lobby after sitting in the auditorium for two days I was fording the crowd to find Ross Scott: host of TEDxNashville 2017. Ross is what I would call a modern southern gentleman. His sunny southern drawl, engaging smile, and quick mind poetically illustrate the juxtaposition of the innovation and Tennessee neighborliness we enjoy here in Nashville. Read More

Ricky Skaggs: The Keeper of Bluegrass

No one could accuse Ricky Skaggs of being prideful. The first time I met him was backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. He’d just finished up a vibrant set on the stage he’s been playing on since his adolescence, yet his presence was one of pure humility. At the time, I merely knew him as a talented bluegrass musician. It wasn’t until later that I learned he’d been playing since he was a small child, picking up the mandolin at age five. Read More