For several years, Cigna has supported TEDxNashville as a Lead Sponsor of our Flagship event. (Thank you, Cigna!) Every year, Cigna also does an amazing job of engaging TEDxNashville attendees with their interactive concepts in the lobby at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.  TEDxNashville attendees love Cigna’s innovative approach to their lobby space and appreciate that the Cigna team thinks about the audience experience when developing their exhibit. Cigna’s lobby experiences at TEDxNashville bring to life several of the priorities listed on the Cigna websitecustomer centricity, collaboration, innovation, and integrity. 

cigna culture mission

For TEDxNashville 2017, Cigna shipped relaxation pods that utilized VR to give attendees an immersive experience leveraging innovative technology. 

cigna tedx

cigna tedx

For 2018, Cigna once again delivered a memorable experience at TEDxNashville and connected with attendees by creating a unique and meaningful exhibit. Cigna gave audience members the opportunity to use bikes to blend their own healthy smoothies.

cigna tedx

In addition to interactive exhibits and logo placements throughout the event, Cigna also connected with TEDxNashville audience members with thoughtful ads in the event programs as well as video ads played before speakers sessions.

Here are just a few examples of the Cigna ads shares with attendees.

Cigna Program Ad

In addition to sponsoring TEDxNashville, Cigna also enhances the TEDxNashville experience with their innovative approach to audience engagement. Thank you, Cigna, for all that you do for TEDxNashville! 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

If you live in Nashville, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, you are most likely familiar with Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s reputation as one of the top health care providers in the country. 

However, if you have not attended TEDxNashville in the past few years, you might not know that Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has been our Presenting Sponsor for three consecutive years, as well as one of our Lead Sponsor for the TEDxNashvilleSalon, HealthNext.

Over the past three years, TEDxNashville has grown and evolved immeasurably — and much of our progress can be attributed to VUMC’s generous support.

With a mission that includes the phrases transformative learning programs and compelling discoveries, VUMC is an ideal partner for TEDxNashville — an organization that is a platform for discovering compelling ideas and experiencing transformative learning.

In addition to caring deeply about our partners’ missions, we also work closely with our sponsors to understand —

  • their goals for the TEDxNashville partnership,
  • the company’s goals overall,
  • and the impact they hope to have on the local community — and beyond. 

We ask these important questions to ensure all of our sponsors get the most out of their TEDx experience every step of the way. 

While most events don’t typically help sponsors develop and implement creative ideas for onsite activations, we try to make marketing at TEDxNashville as simple as possible and therefore go above and beyond for our sponsors as much as possible.

The VUMC goals for our March 2018 event were —

  • to use branding and interactive experiences to connect with our audience 
  • and to also use data to create opportunities for engagement after the event

With these goals outlined, we were excited knowing that we could assist with technology-based activations that would deliver results while also being an appropriate nod to VUMC’s position as one of the most-wired health systems. 

vanderbilt most wired hospital tedx


Customizing technology for activations at a large event like TEDxNashville can often be time-consuming and expensive. However, with help from HiFi Media Co. and EmojiOut, we were able to not only conceptualize and execute two activations with minimal input and effort required from the VUMC team — we were also able to create activations around experiences people seem to love:

  • text messaging
  • selfies & social media

EmojiOut is a text-based platform that helps businesses and events connect with their audiences while also collecting valuable data. With EmojiOut, we were able to launch the TEDxNashville Insider program.   

While the TEDxNashville Insider program started while brainstorming activations for VUMC, it quickly grew to become an integral part of our event. At our March 2018 event, members of the TEDxNashville Insider program could use text messages to participate in speaker Q&A’s, communicate with the TEDxNashville team, network with other attendees, enter to win prizes — and so much more. 

In between events, TEDxNashville Insiders will be among the first to know about upcoming events, special offers, and important announcements. 

Become a TEDxNashville Insider today by registering >> HERE.

emojiout tedxnashville


For VUMC, the TEDxNashville Insider program was a huge success and resulted in —

  • desired data,
  • exceptional exposure through strategic branding,
  • and engagement with the audience — including giving one lucky TEDxNashville Insider a pair of U2 tickets donated by VUMC

vanderbilt tedx

HiFi Media Co is a full-service creative agency that also offers photobooths with online photo galleries, full social media integration in real-time, and a variety of branding opportunities.

Our audience loved capturing photos and GIFs at VUMC-branded photo booths and sharing their VUMC-branded photos and GIFs directly to social media.

The booths however were not only a fun activity for attendees, they are also a great way to collect data, learn about an audience. 

In addition, the booths offer many opportunities for branding.

We worked closely with the HiFi Media team to ensure we maximized all opportunities for VUMC, and that all branding followed the VUMC brand guidelines.

Branding opportunities with the HiFi Media photobooths included:

  • the registration / data collection form 
  • online photo gallery (see the gallery HERE)
  • text messages & emails sent to users
  • photos and GIFs taken at photo booths — and then posted by users on social media

vanderbilt medical center tedx

The VUMC logo was seen in posts across social media — and not just on the VUMC-branded photos and GIFs.

We promoted VUMC’s role as our Presenting Sponsor by placing the VUMC logo on a variety of TEDxNashville materials. These placements were great exposure at the event but they also resulted in additional exposure on social media.

These are just a few of the many posts —

vanderbilt medical center tedx

vanderbilt tedx

vanderbilt tedx

vanderbilt tedx

These photos show only a few of the ways we showed our thanks for the generous support of VUMC.

We were also happy to say thank you to VUMC with video and print ads, lobby banners and signs, and more.

We enjoy going the extra mile for VUMC because, without their support, TEDxNashville might not be possible. Thank you Vanderbilt University Medical Center for your support and inspiration!

Learn about TEDxNashville partnerships by contacting us at


Utilizing the simplicity of text messaging, EmojiOut ( makes it easy for businesses and events to connect with their audience while also collecting useful data and driving engagement.

At TEDxNashville 2018, EmojiOut helped us launch the first year of the TEDxNashville Insider program — and the results were fantastic. 

Through the TEDxNashville Insider program, we were able to:

  • connect with attendees like never before
  • drive more traffic to our onsite vendors
  • provide valuable insights for our sponsors

During events, thanks to EmojiOut, members of the TEDxNashville Insider program can:

  • send questions to speakers during Q&A’s 
  • communicate with the TEDxNashville team
  • network with other attendees
  • get updates, special offers, and prizes

The PDF below shows just a few of the features and benefits that were available for TEDxNashville Insiders at our March 2018 event.

The PDF was displayed as large signs in the event lobby as well as in the event program.

emojiout tedxnashville

In between events, TEDxNashville Insiders will be among the first to know about TEDxNashville announcements, upcoming events, special offers, and unique opportunities. Become a TEDxNashville Insider today by registering HERE.

Attendees and sponsors seemed to love these additions to the TEDxNashville experience — and without EmojiOut, they would not have happened.

To thank EmojiOut for enhancing the experience for our attendees, partners, and sponsors, we developed a brand promotion strategy that launched days before the event started and is still continuing, months after the event ended.

In addition, we invested significant time and resources and made changes to our event to ensure most attendees tried the EmojiOut platform and had an enjoyable experience while doing so.

Since the TEDxNashville audience includes many influencers and decision-makers, it is no surprise that EmojiOut gained a respected organization as a new client immediately after our March 2018 event. 

The EmojiOut team worked hard to prepare for our event, and we worked equally hard to make sure their efforts were rewarded. It was a wildly successful partnership and we are excited to work with EmojiOut at all future TEDxNashville events.

Learn more about EmojiOut here, and by watching the video below.

Learn about TEDxNashville partnerships by contacting us at

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