Ricky Skaggs: The Keeper of Bluegrass

No one could accuse Ricky Skaggs of being prideful. The first time I met him was backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. He’d just finished up a vibrant set on the stage he’s been playing on since his adolescence, yet his presence was one of pure humility. At the time, I merely knew him as a talented bluegrass musician. It wasn’t until later that I learned he’d been playing since he was a small child, picking up the mandolin at age five. Read More

My TED Story: A Letter From the Editor

My dad cried when we had to leave China. I tell friends that my family was deported, but it would be more apt to say we were formally “nudged” out of the country. At nine years-old, the sudden rush to pack and then my first overnight train-ride was actually a welcome and exciting resolution to what was in the end a four-month adventure. We were headed back to Hong Kong: my glistening emerald city and the only home I had ever known. Read More