Dr. Cheryl Whitaker

How do you assess a patient’s neighborhood? None of the 81 measures health plans use to measure performance do, yet studies show that social determinants are up to 50% of what impacts health and the care patients receive.

Cheryl Whitaker, MD, co-founded NextLevel Health (NLH) in 2014 because government-funded health care programs often fail to reach their intended beneficiaries. This innovative for-profit health insurance company helps the underserved access and manage Medicaid services by borrowing a page from the community organizer’s playbook. NLH provides extensive patient services with a geographically based Care Management Team model.

Cheryl is a Washington University- and Stanford-trained physician with a Harvard MPH. After practicing medicine, consulting for the government and NGOs and founding NLH, she has a 360-degree view of the health care system as a patient, provider and now payor. This informs her conviction that payors need a new model of patient-centric engagement.