Josh Robbins

Josh Robbins is one of the coolest HIV-positive patient advocates in the history of the world. He uses the power of humor and encouragement through video to make others cool too! His blog was nominated for a 2017 GLAAD Award, and smells of rich mahogany. He’s an emerging media entrepreneur and consultant for sexual health-related nonprofits. He helped lead The White House’s social media plan for the update of the National HIV Stratedgy. He did miss his flight that morning, as well. But he made it! Currently he’s developing Emory University CFAR’s social media strategy, leading a Planned Parenthood condom distribution campaign: #GetYaSumGood, and continues as a spokesperson for Napo Pharmaceuticals’ Mytesi™ Campaign: #MyHIVThankYou™. He lives in Nashville, TN, and just completed two iOS apps: disclosur+ and Ask HIV. He continues to host his digital video web series and audio podcast, #HIVscoop. He’s known for publishing a recorded live video learning his diagnosed on YouTube.