Matthew Russell

Matthew Russell serves as Chief Technology Officer of Digital Reasoning. Matthew ensures the strategic technology vision and powers behind their cognitive computing platform, Synthesys. Under his leadership, Synthesys software emerged as the world leader in understanding human communication, deep learning and artificial intelligence at unprecedented scale. In 2015, the software shattered the world record for largest neural network at over 160 billion parameters – 14 times larger than the previous record held by Google. His most significant achievement in 2016 is the release of Digital Reasoning’s Cancer Patient ID. His team has been working with a large healthcare system to develop an application to automate the analysis of clinical reports to identify in near-real time patients who needed follow-up care. Cancer Patient ID does two things: it identifies whether or not a pathology report has cancer, and predicts the primary site of the cancer-positive documents. As a result, nurses are able to provide care in a timelier manner, and the time required to process data for quality reporting purposes is dramatically reduced.